Chinese cosmetics end of supply chain assembly, thousands won the title of "best cosmetics manufacturers" (2016.12.01)

On December 1, by the China association of department store business, sponsored by the China beauty makeup net "2016 China supply chain conference" cosmetics, wanda Hilton Hotel in guangzhou successfully concluded.



It is reported that more than the conference not only invited inside and outside of higher-ups to interpret industry regulation and policy, to share professional information from three mainstream technology in Korea and Japan, will also from packaging, materials, manufacturing, retail cosmetics each category at the forefront of practice to share information, attendance as many as one thousand people.


As named business conference, the general manager Pan Zhipeng represent thousands cosmetics co., LTD, foshan city, Shared the consumer in the drugstore, health care products, as well as the consumption situation in terms of colour makeup, and analyzes the category two trends of the development of chemical industry. This is thousands of two of the new direction of the diversified development: 1, the acquisition of aimin pharmaceutical medicine makeup products and health care drugs two fields; 2, set up thousands of hunan biological technology co., LTD., vigorously into the cosmetics field.



Thousands of its own brand anthracene phenanthrene, ossein nursing leadership brand, and the conference name brand. Exhibited the meeting, anthracene phenanthrene grand eugenics ossein explosion facial skin care products and many professional skin care boxes, hand, foot and body care series and bird's nest mask series, on-site guests, high attention and enthusiasm advisory negotiations.



Meeting in addition to full dry goods, the supply chain meeting also commend advanced cosmetics, spread the force of example. Focus on high quality skin care products research and development and production of well-known OEM/ODM companies - foshan thousands cosmetics co., LTD., was awarded the "2016 China's annual best cosmetics cosmetics manufacturers" title.


Figure for the thousands of company general manager in the middle Pan Zhipeng

Figure on the left image spokesperson for thousands of company yolanda


Thousands cosmetics co., LTD, foshan city, at present, in accordance with the international drug, food and cosmetics production GMPC highest standard requires planning building covers an area of 21000 ㎡, construction area of 40000 ㎡, including 100000 grade purification area of 4000 ㎡ modern garden-like factory. With multiple development base and several Chinese invention patents at home and abroad.



Thousands of companies not only passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, through the ISO 14001:2004 environment system certification, through the audit, through the BSCI notarization ISO22716:2207 (E) cosmetics - good practice (GMP) certification, has passed the United States, the European Union and the association of southeast Asian nations (asean) GMPC certification, quality assurance system and test facilities.



Anthracene phenanthrene with such a powerful company background behind it, is a powerful guarantee high quality products and service, is a solid foundation stone of the achievement of national brand dream. 2017, believe anthracene phenanthrene will bring you more surprise!



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